Certified Resilience Coach (CRC) Members

Welcome Certified Resilience Coaches!

Many of you have indicated that the accountability partnerships, live sessions, and the ability to connect with other like-minded coaches is what you miss most after the program is over.

We know that surrounding ourselves with positive, generous coaches who lift each other higher is the key to achieving real, lasting success. If you are a Certified Resilience Coach (CRC) looking to connect with others, grow your network, and your coaching business, then you belong here!

Not already a CRCP Graduate?

The CRC member’s experience is focused on three areas:

Virtual CRC Connect


Join our monthly Virtual CRC Connect calls. The calls occur every first Wednesday of the month at 10am ET. Topics discussed during the call fall under the broad categories of: Embodying Resilience, Coaching Resilience & Growing your Business.

Access to discounted Resilient by Design Packages

 Use Resilient by Design as a coaching tool to optimize your impact with coaching clients . Develop language in common with your clients around Physical Mastery, Self Awareness and Intentional Orientation.

Membersip allows you to purchase Resilient by Design discounted packages for your clients. (Click to see packages)

CRC Discussion Forum


Belong in a highly active, supportive online member community (private closed Facebook group). This is a dynamic forum where you can go 24/7 to celebrate wins, ask questions, offer ideas, and get inspiration

While we know our community will evolve over time, one thing remains: our commitment to providing a judgment-free space where resilience coaches can learn, grow their business toolkit and connect!


Client RbD Program Access

Click below and see what your clients will see. Recall the valuable training you can deliver to your clients.

RbD is a transformational program based on cutting edge neuroscience, holistic nutrition, positive psychology, mindfulness habits and lifestyle design.

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